Lindsay Strathmore Irrigation District – Tonyville

Tonyville is located north of Lindsay, California, and is served by Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District. Currently the only drinking water source is treated surface water from the Friant Kern Canal, which at times is unavailable due to periodic canal maintenance so the plan is to restart the North Lindsay Heights (NLH) well situated near to the surface treatment plant to provide the Tonyville community with treated groundwater. Our plan is to locate the new groundwater treatment plant building next to the surface water treatment station.

Nitrate, perchlorate and arsenic groundwater contamination need to be treated at Tonyville. We have selected ion exchange for perchlorates nitrates and arsenic in a centralised treatment facility; ion exchange is qualified as a ‘best available technology’ with well understood performance monitoring and maintenance requirements. For further reading on nitrates and perchlorates refer to our guidance notes: