Lindsay Strathmore Irrigation District – Tonyville

The Lindsay Strathmore Irrigation District – Tonyville water system (LSID – Tonyville) is a community water system (CWS) in Tulare County that is currently relying on surface water from the Friant Kern Canal for the provision of drinking water. According to the DDW database, the system serves a population of 500 people via 50 connections. The seasonal maximum population served is 500 people, while the permanent population, or number of long-term residents is 250. The system serves 48 single family residential homes and two commercial meters for a small grocery store. The LSID – Tonyville system has seven wells that are currently inactive. The North Lindsay Heights (NLH) and South Lindsay Heights (SLH) wells are nearby, while the other wells listed are not in close proximity to the community and are either not in use or are used only for irrigation. The SLH Well is also connected to an irrigation system. Currently the only active source is surface water from the Friant Kern Canal; existing treatment facilities consist of a 65 gpm packaged surface water treatment plant from Loprest and a 0.06-million-gallon storage tank installed in 1995. At times Friant Kern Canal water is unavailable due to periodic maintenance of the canal; a water system representative indicated that the canal may be dry for 2 – 3 months at a time every 3 – 4 years. The system’s objective is to implement water system improvements to correct the water quality problems of the North Lindsay Heights Well (NLH Well) enabling use of the well as a reliable drinking water source to maintain delivery of water to consumers that meets primary drinking water standards. Nitrate, perchlorate, and arsenic have been detected in the NLH Well at levels above the MCL.

Tonyville Building

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