Rio Bravo Greeley School

The Rio Bravo Greeley School Water System (RBG School) is a non-transient non-community (NTNC) water system and relies on a single well (Well 01) in Kern County, CA. The system serves ~1,000 students in Elementary School (preschool to 4th grade) and Junior High School (5th to 8th grade); ~125 staff; and four residences used as employee housing for 9 people in total. The RBG School has detected nitrate and 1,2,3-TCP at levels above the MCL in Well 01. The system has provided bottled water to students, staff, and visitors since August 2015 due to nitrate levels above the MCL. To the extent that it is technologically feasible and with sufficient resources to do so, the RBG School’s objective is to implement water system improvements to correct the water quality problems and ensure delivery of water to consumers that meets primary drinking water standards.

Rio Bravo Well

Rio Bravo Playground

Rio Bravo Athletic Fields