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Demonstrating the goals of our shared service administration study, our three participating water system owners have collaborated through a local San Joaquin Valley civil engineering company to complete their individual site improvement plans for nitrate treatment and this milestone allows us issue procurement documents.

By sharing water quality information, operational experience and ideas on local resources the Proposition 50 Study Team, with the participation of the community water systems, have selected ion exchange treatment for their groundwater sources.

Ion exchange is recognized by the California State Water Boards as a best available technology (BAT) to remove nitrate from drinking water. While known for its reliability, ion exchange treatment can be inefficient and costly, especially if not operated correctly.

Ion exchange treatment systems also require regeneration to continue removal of nitrate from the groundwater, which needs salt supply and generates waste brine. Brine requires responsible disposal to avoid salt discharge to public sewers, adding to the increasing salinity of the aquifers in California's Central Valley.

Working with the three water systems, a Shared Service Administrator funded by the Proposition 50 Grant shall develop shared Operations and Maintenance methods between the water system building a local network of resilient service providers for many years to come.

The Proposition 50 Study team plan to assess treatment equipment providers bids this Spring. Assuming the bids are within budget, then site improvements could start as soon as this summer with operation to commence in early 2021.