Vivian Jensen, Ph.D.


Position Title
Environmental Engineering Consultant


Vivian Jensen is an Environmental Engineering Consultant with Corona Environmental Consulting, LLC. She has been engaged in multiple Corona efforts including nitrate mitigation studies for California water systems; source water quality data analyses; and treatment cost development. Vivian holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in civil and environmental engineering from UC Davis where she worked with Jeannie Darby. Her graduate research focused primarily on alternative management strategies for nitrate-impacted potable water supplies. As a member of the UC Davis team that developed the California Nitrate Project (2012) for the State Water Resources Control Board, she was the lead author of a technical report detailing drinking water treatment options to address nitrate-impacted sources. Findings of the California Nitrate Project directed the development of Vivian’s dissertation work; focusing on nitrate-impacted small water systems in California, her dissertation provides an evaluation of nitrate treatment options, nitrate occurrence, and brine waste management. An associated publication, Brine Disposal Options for Small Systems in California’s Central Valley (Jensen & Darby 2016), has been awarded the 2017 AWWA Small Systems Division Best Paper Award.